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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Case Study Format
Program: Supply Chain Management Extension Certificate

Case Study Format & Methodology
You must use this format to prepare your case study analysis and recommendations for course assignments.

Organization Background
This section provides the context for the issue / organization being examined. It is necessary and important that the class be given a feel for the type of organization and industry being examined, the marketplace in which that industry operates, and the overall business environment in which the discussion and analysis will take place.

Defining the Issue
It is extremely important that the Learner / group clearly articulate what the problem / situation is to the class. It is essential that the immediate issue / situation, and other broader issues being examined, relate specifically to Supply Chain Management (SCM) material or service related issue(s). The key concern(s), problem(s), decisions(s), challenge(s) or opportunity (ies) must be clearly articulated and detailed in order to ensure that the remainder of the discussion is meaningful and actionable. This issue(s) / situation must clearly be important to the organization, a source of major competitiveness or significant profitability / loss. The urgency of the situation must also be clearly articulated.

Analyzing Case Data
This is where a considerable part of the discussion should be contained: causes and effects (i.e. fishbone diagrams); constraints and opportunities; and, quantitative and qualitative assessments. People, materials, methods, equipment, money, and other factors all lead up to effects that must be examined and determined to be valid or invalid. From there, constraints or opportunities which will impact the analysis need to be examined and factored in to possible courses of action.

Decision Criteria
It is imperative that criteria be clearly established against which all possible alternatives will be measured or compared against. These criteria...
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