Fierce Leadership: Susan Scott

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Book Review: Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott

Fierce Leadership
A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today

Author: Susan Scott New York: Broadway Business (2009).


Book Review: Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott

Business from the Heart
A summary of the importance of fierce leadership to me

I put my hand up – guilty as charged! I have never as a leader had a fierce conversation.

Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott is a remarkable book with refreshing candour. The title of the book at first appeared quite provocative to me, but the term fierce refers to the type of leadership that engages and connects with people at a deep level.

Scott gets to the heart of many relationship issues that prevent us from really connecting with others & limit our performance. The fierce leaders’ most valuable currency is relationships and human capital. Scott writes, “Everywhere, people are hungry to connect, to be seen and known as the unique individuals they are, and this has an immediate and powerful impact on how we design

business strategies and market our products and services and ultimately on whether our businesses treat our conversations and our relationships as we do our e-mails—one way, directive, quick, clipped, efficient” [p.20].

succeed or fail. Yet much business communication is still stuck in the information age. Too often we

The ‘home run’ for me was realizing how profound the impact has been on my life and the lives of those around me from the ‘missing conversations’. The conversations that I didn’t have; that I just didn’t go there!

Communications expert Susan Scott maintains that a single conversation can change the trajectory of a career, marriage or life. Whether these are conversations with yourself, partner, colleagues, customers, family or friends, fierce leadership shows you how to have conversations that count.

Conversations that allow you to express who you are and what you believe while confronting tough issues with courage, confidence and sensitivity. One of our biggest barriers to effective communication is our fear to get to the heart of the problem.

There are 6 fierce practices that Scott introduces as alternatives to existing “best” practices, guiding alternatives – stat!

the reader through how to spot the need for change and then how to start practicing the new fierce

As a leader, as a mum, a woman, a colleague & a friend I need to inspire people, generate in others can see it is merely in its embryonic stage after reading Scott’s transformational approach to most importantly to step up and have that conversation that wants & needs to take place.

self-belief to build visions that become reality. I have prided myself on developing this capacity but bringing about real change through talking, encouraging others to reveal their true opinions but


Book Review: Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott

What is the single most important thing a leader needs to know about the topic? Fierce Leadership is an attitude; a way of life. Revealing how to master the principles and practice courageous, transformative dialogue, Scott conversations are authentic, mutually respectful that demonstrate we are capable of original thought. Conversations that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

shows readers how to change their lives, one conversation at a time. It’s not just all talk – these

Fierce leadership is confronting. As human beings we are wired for self-preservation & are change averse. We hate to have inconsistencies pointed out to us and will attempt all kinds of mental thoughts and actions which are incompatible with each other. contortions to avoid them. Psychologists call this cognitive dissonance: our mind's discomfort with

Our natural reaction is to avoid bringing fantasy and reality together because it's uncomfortable.

Suddenly it becomes obvious what needs to be done and these realizations can be depressing—we

might have a lot of...
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