Xcom Week 1 Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends

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The following paper discusses the importance of business communication and the role it plays for the effectiveness of a business. It would further highlight how employing communication tools help in managing daily workload, the comparison of different trends of communication at my present job and at my last job United States Marine Corps. Communication can be defined as “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs” (Communication, 2009) Business communication:

Communication is a two sided or collaborative progression, where the progression involves encoding of a message and decoding of a message. One end is speaking and the other end listens and comprehends. I joined United States Marine Corpse as an infantryman around 1999.inside the elite force communication plays a very significant role as here its matter of life and death involved. As an infantryman our activities revolved around effective and proficient communication skills among team members. Verbal and non verbal communication skills were all equally significant in disseminating and receiving the information. The process through which we learned to give information was “BAMCIS.” BAMCIS denotes: a. Begin the planning

b. Arrange reconnaissance
c. Make reconnaissance
d. Complete the planning
e. Issue the orders
f. Supervise
The art of giving and receiving information i.e. communication was taught to us using different methods and styles. Since the learning capacity and pick up of each individual is different then the other so learning was done through examples, detailed explanations and by narration. Benefits of communication:

Some of the general benefits of communication skills are effective use of time and efforts that not only, make communication unambiguous but also help is establishing credibility. But incase of military nothing can be taken...
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