Fevicol Marketing Strategy

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The brand ‘Fevicol’ – an introduction

The Fevicol story began in 1959, when the Parekh Group floated Pidilite Industries to capitalize on the potential market for synthetic resin adhesives, or “white glue” in India. Pidilite Industries decided to enter into adhesive or white glue market in the country which is primarily consumed in woodworking. The primary application of white glue was in woodworking, with secondary applications in upholstery, flooring, and footwear. Company decided to enter in to retail market with the product and for that, they come up with collapsible tube. Company came up with different packaging in order to cater to different segment of customers. Pidilite Industries decided to leverage the Fevicol brand’s success and popularity by launching a version suitable for the retail market. The first product line extension, a 30-gram collapsible tube, was introduced in the early 1970’s. Subsequently the company rolled out a spate of uniquely packaged Fevicol products, available for school students as well as professional and educational institutions. The introduction of various packaging formats helped transition the brand from the image of an industrial product to an all-purpose glue. The USP of brand is ease of applying it. Consistent quality, widespread distribution networks, and excellent customer relationships have been the key success factors for the Fevicol brand and knowing its strong brand equity, the brand will continue to be glued to the minds of Indian consumers.

It’s all about branding- The Brand FEVICOL
Few brands enjoy the status of being synonymous with the category of product they represent. Fevicol is one such brand. Sold in its signature blue and white packaging, this legacy brand is a generic name in the adhesive category in India, and is a familiar sight in most households. The product’s ease of application worked as a unique selling proposition for the brand; this was at a time when unwieldy natural adhesives (which needed to be melted before use) were the norm in the wood furniture making industry. The brand’s reputation for its consistent focus on quality was propagated through word of mouth publicity, and has led to the brand enjoying a high level of trust among its target audience. Pidilite organized 'International Creative Contest' last year in which 800,000 students from 3000 schools participated. And 1000 schools introduced craft lessons in their schools. Brand Building/Brand Recall Made Easy.

Brand equity

Fevicol was ranked No. 1 in the Household Care segment of the Most Trusted Brands in India for 2007-08 by Brand Equity (The Economic Times) and overall has been ranked the 20th Most Trusted Brand. Pidilite, the makers of Fevicol, rank 131st among India’s Top 500 listed companies, including those in the private and public sector (ET 500, published by the Economic Times in March 2007). The brand has built strong brand equity over the years and is able to achieve so much success due to its consistent quality, efficient distribution network and CRM practices by the company. Advertising strategy adopted by Fevicol

One of the main reasons for Fevicol's popularity is the creative marketing strategy, including successful advertising campaigns created by Ogilvy & Mather. Fevicol advertisements over the years have always been remembered. Right from Bob Cristo wrestling with a chair made of Fevicol, to a politician who is glued to his chair, to the hen that laid unbreakable eggs, to the overflowing bus, to the joint family that refuses to fall apart, every piece of communication developed by Ogilvy & Mather has broken clutter, increased sales and at the same time entertained the viewer. The Fevicol campaigns over the years have resulted in making it a 'numero uno' brand in a segment dominated by unbranded, unorganised, low involvement and low cost products. Two key drivers have made Fevicol a power brand: - A continuously innovative...
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