Fast Food Case Study

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  • Published : July 25, 2008
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Fast Food restaurants have been around for many years and have developed over the time to meet consumer’s needs. The basic fundamentals of fast food have not changed; deliver food to customers as fast as possible. Eating fast food is something that I have not done in over four years. I decided to take a friend of mine to help me evaluate Burger King and McDonalds. Both of these restaurants are similar in many ways but also have many differences when it comes to taking orders. The production process of both restaurants is very different because of this the results are very different and customer satisfaction is affected. Customer expectations are the same of both restaurants but both have different ending results because of the service that is provided. Process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements are three categories that if are not met with success can bring a business down. Improvement of a process can be planned but implementing the plan is a whole other story. The production process at Burger King and McDonalds was similar. The cooking styles to vary between Burger King and McDonald’s, the method of production is the same. Batched of food are cooked at once then placed under heat lamps or put in the microwave when an order is placed. The difference between the two is McDonalds makes their food in mass production, the burgers are waiting under a heat lamp when a customer orders. At Burger King the burgers are not already put together. The burgers are already made and waiting but the toppings are not added until an order is placed. Customer expectations for service and product are the same across the board but the results are different. The customer service procedures of McDonalds’s are centered on focusing on customer at a time. They are more concerned with quality of service then how fast the service is. Employees take one order at a time, prepare the food and deliver it. Burger King’s service is quite different they want to individualize each...
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