The Diffraenc Between Mcdonalds and Burgerking Is the Way They Cook

Topics: Nutrition, Burger King, Customer service Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: August 26, 2012
The real difference between McDonald’s and Burger King


James Kersting

The difference between McDonald’s and Burger King is the way they cook their hamburger patties. The way that they cook there hamburger patties is what has made them the top two worldwide famous fast food chains. McDonald’s cooks their hamburger patties on a flat top gas grill. The grill has a timer for letting the employees know to flip the patties and to remove the hamburger patties. The size of the hamburger patties are an eighth of a pound or a quarter of a pound. Burger King cooks their hamburger patties in a broiler. The frozen hamburger patties are placed on a belt and go through the broiler oven. The size of the hamburger patties is a quarter pound and an eight of a pound. There are no timers, flipping or taking off the patties over a hot greasy gas flat top.

The fast food chains McDonald’s and Burger King trains their new employees the same way. The three components that both fast food chains train their new employees consist of are offering healthy menu choices, giving good customer service, and food safety. The fast food chains realize that people today are becoming aware that by eating healthy they can stay fit. The fast food chains have both ran advertisement campaigns to tell people to get up and move. McDonald’s healthy menu options consist of, Grill chicken, salads, low fat milk, no fat milk, juice, diet soda and apple slices. McDonald’s provides a nutrient chart. By letting customers use the nutritional charts they can make it easier to choose healthy menu choices. They have added new healthy menu options for adults as well as children. Burger Kings healthy menu options consist of Low fat milk, no fat milk, diet soda, salads, grilled chicken juice and apple slices. Burger King...
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