Mcdonalds vs. Burger King

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McDonalds vs. Burger King
Which fast food restaurant is your favorite? McDonald’s or Burger King, these two fast food restaurant have been around for many years serving over billions of people. Fast food is currently one of the biggest businesses in the United States due to the hectic schedule people have this days. McDonald’s and Burger King were established in different years. McDonald’s was established a year after Burger King was established. McDonald’s was introduced by Dick and Mac McDonald’s in 1955. Burger King was introduced by James McLamore and David Edgerton in 1954. There are many similarity and differences between McDonald’s and Burger King, meals they serve, the food portions, the way the burgers are cooked, the services and the atmospheres.

One of the differences between McDonald’s and Burger King is the food portions, as far as size of burger is concerned, Burger Kings burger size is bigger than McDonald’s burger. Most items on the Burger King Menu have portion bigger than McDonald’s. The reason Burger King Portion are bigger than McDonald’s is because McDonald’s prices are cheaper. Burger King may have a bigger portion but is it better than McDonald’s food.

Another differences between McDonald’s and Burger King is the way they cook there food, in McDonald’s the hamburger patties are cooked on a flat top grill. The grill has a timer to let the employees know to flip the patties and to remove the hamburger patties. Burger King makes their hamburger patties in a boiler. The patties are placed on a belt and go through the broiler. There are no timers, flipping or taking off the patties over a hot greasy gas flat top. Therefore the hamburgers are cooked different which give the patties a different taste. Another difference between McDonald’s and Burger King is the services that these restaurants are that the employees provide reliable services. The services are a lot faster at Burger King then at McDonalds. The employees at Burger King Works...
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