Mcdonalds vs Wendys

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s
In a world that is full of low fat low-carbohydrate diets and compulsive daily exercise, people seem to be more conscientious with their choices of foods they consume; but the twenty- first century demands convenience where fast food restaurants incorporates ones needs for quick, easy, and , inexpensive food. Sadly, the majority of this type of food can be a very unhealthy food choice. Fast food restaurants typically offer high fat processed foods. In defense to this stereotype, two of the most popular fast food restaurants, Wendy’s and McDonald’s, are now offering choices low in carbohydrates and saturated fats on their menu without taking away the convenience and taste. Both of these restaurants fall under the category of fast food, yet they both carry distinctive quality in their healthy menu items, Although the difference in characteristics of their healthy choices, both Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer a variety of salads their healthy food menu. Perhaps the most extraordinary development with these two restaurants was when they introduced healthier hamburger alternatives to their menu. Wendy’s only has one healthy sandwich on their menu, the Ultimate Chicken Grill that contains only six grams of fat even when with all awesome toppings. Although Wendy’s only offers the ultimate grill chicken as their healthy menu sandwich, this particular item at Wendy’s has always been on top when comes down to a different variety of healthy meals. Their small chili only contains five grams of fat, is one of the most favorite healthy items they offer. Furthermore, their baked potato, without adding a ton of fatty toppings, is a great alternative to satisfy ones healthy appetite. For example, a baked potato with chives and sour cream has only five grams of fat; whereas, the hot-stuffed baked potato with cheddar cheese and bacon has a high twenty-five grams of fat. Wendy’s has had selective healthy choices for some time, so if you were someone who wanted...
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