Comparison of Kfc & Mcdonald

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Service Product
McDonald’s products are mainly sold as a set meal. And a set meal will include a hamburger, fries and soft drink. This is the usual format of a set meal. Of course you can consume it separately. McDonald offer different kinds of hamburger for customer to choose. If don’t want to have hamburger. They have offered chicken wings and mcnuggets. For set meal are chicken wings or mcnugetts plus fries and soft drink. And they also have a few kinds of drink. Further, they have dessert like ice-cream. And if you go there before 11a.m. McDonald have breakfast meal for customer. Sometimes, they will do some promote to push off a new hamburger or new taste of fries. These new products are only available on promotion period. KFC

KFC’s products are mainly are chicken. They offer different type of set meal for customer to choose. The set meal will include a main principal food, snake and soft drink. For the principal food are hamburger or chicken wings. And they have some special set meal is for 3 to 4 people. These meals are a little bit different from the normal one. The set meal include is chicken and rice with snack, drinks and dessert. Sometimes they will push off a new taste of chicken. Evaluation form of service product and service environment (For 10 is the highest rate and 1 is the lowest rate) | McDonald| KFC|

Service product| 6| 5|
Service environment| 7| 8|

For the service product, both McDonald and KFC’s food is fry food. For the healthy is not good. But McDonald offer more different kinds of choice to customer. KFC is specializing in chicken. Even though they have hamburger, still is chicken hamburger. For the service environment, both McDonald and KFC’s decoration is beautiful. But most of McDonald is separate upstairs and downstairs. Customer have to buy food in downstairs and then take the meal to upstairs, it is inconvenient and the food may fall down easily. Service encounters

When we observed in...
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