Family Care Plan

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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Family Care Plan
Thomas Chamness
University of Phoenix
Nursing 467

Karen Jones
November 20, 2010

Family Care Plan
My family consists of a single mother, age 27. Her child is a 3-year-old male. The characteristics of the mother are unique; she had to deal with losing both of her parents at a young age. Her father committed suicide when she was nine and her mother was murdered in the line of duty while working as a state trooper. The mother also has no siblings. At the present time the young boy is facing his own challenges as the mother decided to leave the father of her child and move out of state from New Mexico to Colorado. Together they appear to cope well with their losses and struggles. The family structure is basic; the mother plays that role and is also a mentor to the child. The additional “family” structure for these two is that the mother has a new boyfriend and he is the main reason that she moved to Colorado. The environmental characteristics do not appear to be a factor in the function of the family. The culture of the family seems to have continued well here in CO, both make a bi monthly trip to NM so that the son can visit with the father and so that the mother can visit with a close aunt. Orem’s Universal Self-Care Requisites apply to my family as follows: Air, my family resides in a smoke free environment and the environment does not seem to have a negative effect. Water; both consume appropriate amounts and environmentally, there is not a concern. Food; nutrition seems to be lacking R/T the consumption of fast food and lack of home cooking. Elimination; appears to be within normal limits. Activity and Rest; the child receives more physical activity than the mother R/T playing at the playground. Living in a smaller town home has also “restricted” their activity level. Rest wise, there is plenty. Solitude and Social Interactions; both have decreased social interaction R/T the move and all family is in NM. Solitude...
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