Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment

Darla Lauer


August 27, 2012
Beth Edwards, MSN, FNP – BC

Friedman Family Assessment

The following is a study of a family using the Friedman Family Assessment. “Public health nurses must have skills to move competently between working with individual families, bridge relationships between families and the community, and advocate for family and community legislating and influence policies that promote and protect the health of populations” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 600). Identifying Data and Composition

The personal identifying information such as full name, address, and phone number are not used so the family’s identity remains confidential. The assessment of the family revealed a complex system. This is a nuclear/blended family with traditional male/female roles. Each spouse has two children from previous marriages. Those children are grown, married with children, and live in different cities. They share a son aged 12. Each member brings his or her own expectations to the group. Their dress, eating habits, and health views are typical of middle-class American. They eat three main meals a day with snacks and are very cognizant of caloric balance. LB states that she has a regular appetite but, she also states that she has lost 51 pounds this past year. Her current weight is 169 pounds and she is 5 foot 7 inches. LB has a body mass index (BMI) of 25.5, which is overweight, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ("Centers For Disease Control And Prevention", n.d.). JB is 5 foot 9 inches and 190 pounds. AB is 5 foot 5 inches and 110 pounds. They see the doctor every two to three months a year as instructed for health check-ups. The ethnic makeup of the family members shows LB is white, born, and reared in New York. JB is Hispanic, born, and reared in Puerto Rico. AB is White/Hispanic, born, and reared in Orlando, FL. They state their religious preference is Catholic, but rarely attend formal church. LB has a diploma degree and works as a registered nurse. JB is a mechanic and has a twelfth-grade educational level, attained in Puerto Rico. AB is attending 7th grade at Deltona Middle School. According to "The New York Times" (n.d.), this family is “upper-middle class” (Class Matters A Special Section). LB likes to cook, breed German Shepherd dogs, and read. She is actively involved in the Democratic Party and has met President Obama several times. JB likes to watch sports or work on his project restoration car. AB is involved in baseball and many days are spent at practice or games. Developmental State and History of Family

This household is presently in Friedman’s fourth stage of development, family with school aged children. The “Family developmental and life cycle theory explains and predicts the changes that occur to families and its members over time” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 610). The main tasks of concern in this family is to socialize the shared child, including promoting school achievement and fostering of healthy peer relations of the child. The other tasks for this stage are maintaining a satisfying marital relationship and meeting the physical health needs of family members (Friedman, 1998). The family appears to be accomplishing their tasks well and will soon transition to Friedman’s fifth state of development. At the present time, LB is in fairly good health, she has lost weight and her rheumatoid arthritis is well maintained. She takes Methotrexate 25 mg PO weekly. JB is in good health except for high blood pressure that is maintained on medication, He takes Amlodipine-Benaz 10/40 mg 1 po qd and Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg po 1 qd. LB and JB share family chores such as laundry and the cooking. AB has chores assigned such as taking out the trash, yard work, and he is responsible for his room and his bathroom. LB was born in America on July14, 1962 to Italian American...
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