Family Centered Care

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Consider the ways in which the nursing of families has changed during the last several decades. What current issues or trends influence the provision of nursing care to families today? Family nursing focuses on the involvement of family members in care, especially in areas of decision making and caregiving. Family nursing is growing due to increased attention on health promotion, aging population, increased prevalence of chronic illness, and the development and acceptance of family-based theories and research. The important factors enhancing the development of family nursing are the increased awareness in nursing and society of the need for health promotion and a health focus, and pervasiveness of troubled families in the communities. The growing number of family nursing research studies continue to demonstrate the impact of health stressors and coping on family health outcomes and the effectiveness of family-centered interventions.(Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003) In current trends, changes have emerged in the people offering care as well as in people being taken care of in the system. This pair interacts in an environment that reflects and conditions those changes. Through a systems perspective, it could be appointed that, in the macrosystem, demographic structure changes, largely brought about by the drop in mortality and birth rates, and increased life expectancy have led to the presumed population aging which, in turn, entails a significant increase in family care needs. Family has changed in recent years in terms of house hold size and diverse family forms. Concrete issues like the changes in family structure and functioning have enhanced this even further, and this involves women, who are the primary care providers and produce modifications in the way they traditionally separate care, whether in the institutional or home setting.(Cruz, Jenaro, Perez, Hernandez, & Flores, 2011). Family nurses need to understand and accept families within their own...
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