Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students

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This research paper is all about the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people. The researcher chose this kind of problem to be aware of the distinctive behavior of her fellow schoolmates, classmates, batch mates, etc. The researcher conducted this study to know the effective implications for the behaviors. Behaviorism, a movement in psychology that advocates the use of strict experimental procedures to study observable behavior n relation to the environment. The behavioristic view of psychology has its roots in the writings of the British associationist philosophers as well as in the American functionalist school of psychology and the Darwinian theory of evolution, both of which emphasize the way that individuals adapt and adjust to the environment. These problems disrupt relations with peers and adults and interfere with schooling. Children and adolescents who have behavior disorders typically experience problems that are markedly different from the behavior of students of similar age and cultural background. Students with behavior disorders may exhibit any of a wide variety of problems. Behavior disorders result from many causes, including biological, familial, and environmental factors. Treatment of emotional or behavioral disorders has provoked controversy. Statement of the Problem

This study probed on investigate the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people in Maryhill College as perceived by the selected third year students during the school year 2012-2013. Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. Which factor affects the behavior of teenagers most? 2. What are the ways of interacting with other people by the students with behavioral disorders? 3. What are the implications that may prevent this behavior to become worst? 4. What are the effects of being bullied on the teenager’s behavior?

Significance of the Study
The study about factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people is considered important for the students, teachers, parents, and administrators. In this study, we will be able to discover distinct reasons or causes of the unusual behavior of a student. If we will be able to discover the causes of this behavior or some possible treatments and implications, we can prevent it from being worse. This study will benefit the parents by knowing the proper way of parenting and raising their children with this kind of problem behavior and the teachers by being aware on how to properly educate their students who have been dealing with this kind of problem behavior. This study will also benefit the researcher and the subject teacher in the fund of knowledge. Scope and Delimitation

This investigation is conducted to determine the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people. The respondents will be from the selected high school students of Maryhill Collge. It may also be from other fields if needed. This study will be conducted for the school year 2012-2013.

Definition of Terms
Behaviorism-a movement in psychology that advocates the use of strict experiment procedures to study observable behavior in relation to the environment. Behavior-the way in which a person, organism, or group responds to a specific set of conditions Radical Behaviorism -basic behaviorism

Peers-somebody who is the equal of somebody else in age or social class Nurture-people are influenced by genes
Genes-the basic unit capable of transmitting characteristics from one generation to the next

Chapter II


This Chapter will present studies and literature that will give light to the researcher’s problem and will help her arrive in the analysis and interpretation of the...
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