Friends or Foes Case Analysis

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Master in Business Administration
School of Business and Management
Xavier University

Case #11

Dr. Alma Frances R. Hortelano
BA 113 (HBO) Human Behavior in Organization

Group #6:
Pamisa, Julius D.
Sallador, Jesalex D.
La Victoria, Edward C.
Escabusa, Giselle Jean N.


I. Point of View:

II. Statement of the Problem:

The ineffective communication style being used by Atty. Mike Russo towards his subordinate, Linda Slotki.

III. Objective/s:

To have an efficient and effective productivity output of Atty. Mike Russo and Linda Slotki

IV. Areas of consideration:

1. Linda worked for over five (5) years for Mike Russo who is an associate of Harris, Tessler, and Brock (HTB), a fast-paced competitive law firm. 2. The name partners of HTB encourage a culture of “family” wherein the employees are valued as a person. Manifestations of this culture are the eating of lunch together, sharing of stories and even telling naughty jokes. Some employees even use swear words occasionally although Linda does not commonly use profanity. 3. Linda was a highly competent secretary at first and was even given a yearly raise for the first four years she’s been working with Atty. Russo because of his high ratings for her work performance. However, she has been inconsistent lately in her performance and according to her; it was due to her personal problems. Mike did not assert his authority as a supervisor over Linda by choosing not to enter any official complaints into her 201 file despite discussing inconsistencies in her work performance with her. 4. When Linda was undergoing divorce, Mike gave free legal advice, tried to help the couple negotiate their divorce settlement, and even referred them to a competent divorce attorney. However, Mike did all these informally and without the formal documentation as entailed...
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