Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Hr Management

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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|HR380 Managing and Developing People | | | | | | | | | |Nikita Cherezov | |14.01.2013 | | |

Factors affecting the efficiency of HR management
“Human resources are the most important capital of a
company – the vital contact with customers – the key for success” (Tom Farmer, 2010). For the successful implementation of the strategic objectives in the field of personnel management is of paramount importance to study the factors affecting productivity, timely and full use of reserves growth and improvement based on this science-based system analysis and planning of labor and assess the effectiveness of personnel management. High growth rates of personnel management in general, and labor productivity in particular provided evidence-based use of the full range of factors that influence the effectiveness of human resource management. The theoretical value of the classification of the factors of personnel management is that it allows you to more fully disclose the nature of labor, determine the relationship between the factors identified in the particular action of some factors specific to each direction of the company. Existing theory and practice to study the factors of productivity growth can construct sophisticated general classification according to the purpose of the study. Based on the economic substance, the following classification of factors affecting the efficiency of human resource management (Figure 1):

Figure 1. Classification of factors influencing the efficiency of HR management

|Factors |Factors content | |Physiological |Sex; | | |Age; | | |The state of health; | | |Mental capacities; | | |Physical ability, etc. | |Technical and process |The nature of tasks; | | |Complexity of the work; | | |Technical equipment; | | |The level of science and technology, etc. | |Structural and organizational |Work conditions; | | |The volume of business; | | |Mode of operation; | |...
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