Memo to Management About Merger

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  • Published : July 7, 2010
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MEMO TO: Management Staff
RE: Managerial expectations through out the merger

The recent announcement of the merger between our InterClean Company and the EnviroTech Company has created different questions and ideas about what the future holds for everyone. As a manager, your position is going to be increasingly more valuable in ensuring this merger is a success. As the first line level managers, you will be the example all employees look to for guidance and understanding throughout this process. The overall goal is to ensure this merger is a success, therefore providing long term employment for everyone. Our CEO, David Spencer eloquently stated that while joining him to welcome the new company into our team, he expects “all management personnel to begin integration efforts immediately.” Therefore, this memo will provide assistance and guidance to ensure every manager understands the true affect their behavior can have on the employees, and therefore the company. Several different areas will be discussed; however, the most important element in this entire process is the overall behavior of the managerial staff. As stated previously, all associates will look to their first line supervisors for guidance in this process. Information does trickle from the top down; however, the work is performed from the bottom up. If the employees do not perceive this merger as a safe and positive scenario, it could end up costing the company on several layers. According to Wayne F. Cascio, the author of Managing Human Resources, “employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs and who are not committed strongly to their organizations will tend to be absent or late for work, to quit more often, and to place less emphasis on customer satisfaction.” The cost involved in this scenario extends further then most realize. When an employee leaves a company, a financial burden is then created in the new costs of finding, hiring and training a new associate, along with...
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