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1 Factors That Affect The Service Of Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant In SM Manila Branch




5 Chapter I





10 In the world of Services, Service Culture focuses on serving and satisfying the customer. We may consider the top management and flow of it. A service culture empowers employees to solve customer problems; through employee communication company policies and personal actions. That is why it is supported by a reward system based on customer satisfaction. Base on the Characteristics in the Quality of services it may depends on who provides them and when, where, and how this services called Variability. Service can differentiate their service delivery in three ways: through people, physical environment, and process, in Managing service Quality one of the major ways that a service firm can differentiate itself is by delivering consistently higher quality than its competitors. The Key is to exceed the customers’ service-quality expectations; these expectations are based on past experiences, word of mouth, and service firm advertising. The service provider needs to identify the expectations of target customers concerning service quality, greater service quality results in greater customer satisfaction, it also result in higher cost.

11 A Rai Rai Ken restaurant offer services somewhat a Semi Fine Dining Restaurant that Offer Authentic Japanese cuisine. The target of the Establishment is to satisfy the guest needs and wants, so in the Philippines Rai-Rai ken House and Sushi Bar prepares and serves authentic and appetizing Japanese cuisine. In terms of services, their service is kind of a table service which the Food and Beverages Attendant give their full attention in every customers to their orders which in the menu and every customers departure the restaurant offer them a free cold tea to refresh their customers.

12 The words “Rai-Rai Ken” have its own origin from the country of Old China. In its original form, the word “Rai-Rai”, when translated in Chinese and Japanese languages means ‘welcome’ while ‘Ken’ means ‘restaurant’. However, it is the Japanese people which further developed this into an authentic fine food concept and experience. Rai-Rai in Japanese is originally pronounced as ‘Irashai’ while Ken is ‘Shokudo’. The word was actually pronounced LAI-LAI but the Japanese couldn’t pronounce the letter “L” the word eventually evolved to RAI- RAI. It literally means come-come to our house. The idea of a Rai-Rai Ken comes to mind when a person (usually a Japanese) is contemplating of going to a nice and inviting restaurant where one usually expects to be pampered and satiated with delicious and appetizing foods.


14 The concept and words of Rai Rai Ken has caught on and has become a well-known and familiar throughout the whole world. In the Philippines, Rai-Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar was established to deliver the exact customer satisfaction experience and rediscover the way that it is originally meant to be. Rai-Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar prepares and serves authentic and appetizing Japanese cuisine to simulate the old taste of festive treats true to the tastes of Old China and Japan perfectly synergized with modern atmosphere and ambiance that sums for a worthy new version of a rai rai ken. Named an Outstanding Casual Japanese Restaurant in 2005 by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards, RAI RAI KEN Ramen House and Sushi Bar has indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small and modest tea house in Makati City.

15 Rai Rai ken now boasts of over 40 Outlets all over the Philippines and still growing. It takes pride on its tradition of serving authentic Japanese food especially ramen or Japanese noodles which is really their specialty. What has become of RAI RAI KEN is the result of the hard work and dedication of the company’s...
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