Evaluative Report

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Evaluative report
A communication report on a dining experience

Executive summary
This report presents the dining experience in the famous restaurant pancake on the rocks. This report covers the impression of the restaurant and observation on the staff and service process. On the hand, there are some problem been found out during the dining period, the finding will following by the impression of the decoration. While to indicate the hospitality employees use the professional service to the customer. Food and beverage is excellent and attack both of demotic customer and international tourist. Pancake on the rocks has the high reputation within Sydney region area. The discussion results are analysis each finding and give the academic support and solutions. Recommendation provide by the end of the paragraph.

Table of ContentsPage

Executive Summary 2

1. Introduction 3

2. Methods / Procedures3


3.1 Decoration4
3.2 Hospitality employees 4
3.3 food and beverage ...5
3.4 Reputation 5

4.Discussions of results6




This report described a dining experience in Pancake on the Rocks Sydney. The purpose for this report is analysis the dining atmosphere and communication skills influence the customer. In addition, this report will also make recommendation of the restaurant improvement. This report will cover the restaurant history and customer feedback to the restaurant. As a famous restaurant in Sydney, the service and food quality is different than other restaurant. This report only from my sense, because of the time limitation of dining period, some information has not gained sufficient by researched. Also the report covers the atmosphere and environment impacts of people dining. Customer feedback for the restaurant is essential. However, Pancake is famous restaurant in Sydney; it is not only attacked local people but also attacked a lot of international tourist. On the other hand, a good dining experience involved not just food, but also the presentation and service quality. Using the communication professional technical, the professional service and restaurant decoration will demonstrate the value and standard of Pancake restaurant. Moreover, this report also covers the findings which are based on the theories of the hospitality industry. The finding of the problem is lack of customer relationship management. Narrow space on each table set. Not fully trained on food and beverage management. These found that direct influence the negative customer emotions. On the last section, recommendations will list the improvement in some aspects way of this restaurant, such as lack of car park space and no booking list for the regular customer.

Methods /Procedure
This section comprised two main reason for choose Pancake on the Rocks. The first reason to take this restaurant as observation project is the large turnover and reputation. The second reason is famous restaurant in local area. According to the observation, the first impression to the restaurant include the restaurant theme, decoration, furniture, background music, table set, staff and grooming. Those measured the really perception of authentic atmosphere of the Pancake the rocks. The next impression was the sense, such as finding, greeting and service process. Communication was an ongoing feature, since the sight and sense based on the environment and dining atmosphere, it transmitter intangible information and communication after dining feedback. However, it is the attractive way to get more customers dining in Pancakes.

The finding of the observation in Pancake the rocks indicate aspects in below. Decoration
First entering in the Pancakes, the impression of the decoration is simple and American style. The owner comes from American, the decoration direct present their target customer. The western style light decorated on...
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