Mystery Shopper

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Marketing Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Mystery Shopper Report
Customer service hinges around identifying key product or service attributes of target market and delivering consistently the desires of that market. Since target markets have different values businesses must strive to identify customer turnoffs and needs. When a business is successful at delivering good customer service they have not only successfully identified these key attributes that create value for the customer but integrated them into their daily interactions with customers. The perceived value that a customer receives from the overall experience determines satisfaction and loyalty levels. The mystery shopper exercise assisted me in identifying service attributes I value at restaurants. I visited Giovanni’s Pizza, Mr. Wraps, Backyards Bistro, Q-doba, and Wild Ginger. All of the restaurants are in Hoboken and have received my business before; each was visited during the month of November although the time of day was variable. After visiting these five restaurants I found that in general the service was satisfactory, although some restaurants were providing higher quality service than others. For example, Q-doba’s and Giovanni’s operations were focused primarily on speed of service rather than customer experience. While Wild Ginger and Backyards Bistro were focused on delivering an overall dining experience which included not only good food but a certain ambiance with waiters to take your order and a hostess to seat you; this was much different from the assembly line speed with which Giovanni’s or Q-doba’s operate. Mr. Wraps, adheres to neither of these operational approaches it is primarily a take-out place with a sporty ambiance and quick service. Observing each of these restaurants it became clear that speedy service and a good product were not the only important qualities to satisfying a customer. In general it was important to the customer, me, that the employee be personable, genuinely interested in making my experience a...
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