Eymp1 Context and Principles for Early Years Provision – Parents as Partners

Topics: Developmental psychology, Special education, Teacher Pages: 5 (1605 words) Published: May 21, 2013
EYMP1 Context and principles for Early Years Provision – parents as partners .
|3.1 Explain the partnership model of working with carers. | | | |Parents and teacher have common goal for child and that is constructive development and it matters at all stages of development. Both of them| |want the best for the child. Their roles involved are not the same but they are complementary to each other. For Ex. Parents know their own | |child best and behavior and reaction patterns whereas teacher have knowledge of general child development in same age group. The parent is a | |deeply important person to the child and the relationship between parent and child is always very emotional and important in development of | |child. Teachers need to develop consistent warm and affectionate relationships with children especially babies. The partnership between three| |of them i.e. parent, teacher and child’s partnership is critical to develop and needs to be able to trust and respect one another. The | |self-esteem and wellbeing of the people in the partnership are important when they are working together, which ultimately leads to holistic | |development of child in early years. | |The partnership between parent, teacher and child can be achieved through variety methods and practices such as understanding child needs from| |parent and attending micro details of child including but not limited to learning agility, general approach towards writing, listening and | |communication, music liking, favorite play, eating habits and allergies etc. This exchange of knowledge from parent leads to relationship of | |trust and exchange developmental needs. The recognition of fact that each child is unique and their specific needs leads to building that | |partnership with parent that ultimately leads to reception of collaborative working. | |Home Visits: A follow up home visit helps in development of relationship with parent and child. It goes long way in building relationship of | |trust and attention. | |Expectation Rationalization: Teacher shall document all the information provided about their child and expectation from parent on child’s | |development. The expectation of parent shall be address through discussion with parents with methodology followed in the setting and how it | |addresses and complements needs of parent and child. | |Information Brochures and Parents handbook: The goal of a handbook is to provide all the pertinent information related to setting, | |methodology followed, content of education, development techniques, parent teacher feedback mechanism and meeting frequency, quality of | |teacher and their qualifications, health and safety measures, administrative details such as fees, teachers contacts etc. Additionally, | |information about what parents need to provide on first day and on an ongoing basis shall be outlined clearly to allow parents to remain | |organized to ensure flawless inclusion of child in the new setting or beginning of term after break. | |Understand the views of parents: Parent is front and center for child and understanding parent is critical. Their views on education, | |methodology, development and care are useful to know about their needs and wants. The culture and ethnic background helps teachers to know |...
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