Character Development: a Teachers Responsibility?

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  • Published : August 24, 2012
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Character Development: A Teachers Responsibility?

Terrell Gene Martin
Grand Canyon University: EDU 310
April 20, 2012

Character Development: A Teachers Responsibility?

The question of the role of a teacher in the character development of a child should not be a difficult one to answer. There is not only a responsibility there but also an obligation to help in such development. An educator should be able to work with parents in the overall development of all aspects of a child’s growth and well being. There are, however, certain areas of limitation that should not be crossed for any reason and are sacred rites for parents alone.

One of these areas, and perhaps the most disputed, is religion. A parent is the absolute authority on the inclusion of any religious development at all times. Public schools should not ever force upon a student any form of religion at any time. Not forcing it does not however mean not making it part of a non-curricula option. What I mean by this is an availability of certain student organizations should not be denied. Christian or non Christian students should have every right to meet and enjoy their time as a group without any reprisal from the school and the school should provide a certain amount of protection for these students from reprise from fellow students. For a teacher to be a club sponsor is acceptable as long as there is no influence from the teacher on the grades of the students. Political opinion should also be something to refrain from trying to influence in the character development. Politics is a touchy subject in most circles but for an educator to attempt to place their own belief on students in inappropriate. Most families have a long standing tradition of political party involvement and this is something that is important for teachers to honor. A study of history can and should involve discussion of the party development as well as influence; however a teacher’s individual personal...
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