External Environment Analysis

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Executive Summary

This report was to Joel Haire, who is the Master of Marketing convenor of Sales Management in Swinburne. The report is focus on sales strategy, implementation and operating plan for Foster’s Group Limited, which is one of the Australian largest alcohol companies. It was written by four Swinburne students, who are Master of Marketing, Diego, Desmond, Gemala, and Jie. The purpose of the report is to design a sales strategy for Forster’s Group on beer destination division in Australia so that improve Foster’s sale revenue and volume. In the report, we mainly focused on sales team of Foster, not too much about the marketing part.

Before starting to write this report, we did many researches. The information of Foster we searched from Swinburne University library database, EBSCOhost, the Internet, and Foster’s Group official website. These data are Foster’s annual reports and IBIS report. We not only collected the written reports and journals, but also interviewed one of Foster’s staff, Benjamin Cairnes, who is Foster’s Group Business Development manager and work for two years in Foster.

In the report, firstly, we defined the playing arena of Foster. Secondly, identify Foster’s missions, sales and revenues in the past. Thirdly, evaluate the external sales environment, including customer and competition analysis. Fourthly, forecasting the future external scenario. Fifth, analysing the existing sales operations, and evaluating it through gaps, key successful factors, and SWOT analysis. Finally, we gave Foster the recommendation on sales operation strategy for the next three years, and also evaluated the pros and cons of the three strategies and give the best recommended strategy.

Table of Content

Executive Summary1
1.0 Introduction3
2.0 Define the playing arena3
2.1 Value proposition3
2.2 Customer3
2.3 Geography4
3.0 Identify Enterprise Requirements4
3.1. Corporate brands/ Mission4
3.2. Sales and revenues4
4.0 External Sales Environment5
4.1 Customer analysis- individual/ organization5
4.1.1 Purchase behavior and Influence5
4.1.2 Interaction requirement5
4.2. Competition6
4.2.1. Territory Design6
4.2.2. Resources and Sales Staff6
5.0 Forecast future external scenario8
6. Existing sales operations8
6.1 Target customer8
6.2. Objectives and sales revenues8
6.3. Structure9
6.4. Resources – Sales Staff9
6.4.1. Type of skills and knowledge possessed9
6.4.2. Recruitment and selection process9
6.4.3. Training processes10
6.4.4. Remuneration approaches11
6.5. Resources – Technology11
7.0 Forecast future scenario12
8. SWOT for Sales Operations/ GAP Analysis12
8.1. SWOT Analysis12
8.1.1 Strength12
8.1.2 Weakness13
8.1.3 Opportunities13
8.1.4 Threats13
8.2. Key Success Factors14
8.3. GAP Analysis14
9. Possible Future Strategies and Recommendations15
Appendix 120
Appendix 221
Appendix 322

1.0 Introduction

Foster’s Group is one of the largest brewing companies in Australia with their base of operations focusing mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has established a strong base in the beer industry since the recent acquisition of Southcorp, is looking to expand their market in the wine industry. In Australia, Foster’s currently employ a sales staff of approximately 700 strong. This sales force is divided into four main divisions; the “Integrated”, “Destination”, “Local” and “Connect”. Our report will strategically analyse the current sales operations of Foster’s Group and identify the key issues surrounding an efficient and successful strategy. The report will also cover both internal and external environmental factors and provide recommendations for Foster’s future sales strategy.

The body of the report will consists of 5 main parts. The first will be defining the playing field. This part gives background information of the market that the division is operating in as well as details...
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