Employer of Choice

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Job description Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: March 10, 2013
You are asked to set out what constitutes 'good practice' in the field of recruitment and selection. Explain what set of approaches organisations should use in order to comply with the legal requirements and maximise the chances that they end up employing the most effective employees. Justify your answer. Candidates will demonstrate the skills and knowledge to create suitable job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks by designing appropriate documentation. Using three to four examples candidates will discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the major methods of recruitment and selection, including assessment centres, competency based recruitment, interviews and on-line recruitment. Candidates should discuss when it is appropriate to use different methods within different cultures/roles and demonstrate an appreciation of the major legal requirements. 4.1Contribute to the development of job descriptions, person specifications and competency frameworks. 4.2Explain the main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection. 4.3Assess the strengths and weaknesses of major methods of recruitment. 4.4Assess the strengths and weaknesses of major methods of selection.

I have been asked to outline what constitutes ‘good practice’ in the field of recruitment and selection. From my research I believe that ‘good practice’ ensures that organisations are equipped with the right people employed in the right roles. Good practice involves a number of checks to define what exactly an organization needs and is looking for. These checks include, however are not limited to, the following: assessing and defining the role, acquiring suitable candidates via various means as outlined below, and maintaining a standardised interview process. When there is a requirement to fill a position it is imperative to assess and define the role in order to evaluate its functionality and requirements. Questions to be asked are whether the position...
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