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In this unit I will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of a manager, supervisor and an employee, the training and development for each role. I would look at the training and development required for each role and also the training and development programme of boots as a whole. Another key part I’ll be focusing on is motivation – how the staff are motivated at boots, PEST analysis that influence boots recruitment decisions, more so, recruitment documentation, e.g. authority to recruit, job description, person specification, job advert, short listing candidates and interview. They will all be explained stating the purpose of each and the legal factors that affect each document. I will also create a vacancy for boots as a dispenser and design the recruitment documentation for the role, I could use either an existing document from boots and include other documents that are used in the recruitment process, e.g. CV, application form, equal opportunities. In addition, I will analyse the recruitment- what is the purpose of the document? What are the advantages? What are the cons? What I would improve? How each document I have used contributes to the effectiveness of the process? What the legal, ethical and social obligations of the recruitment process are? I will also prepare for an interview including making up interview questions to ask, justification of why I’m asking the questions and to keep a record of the candidate’s answers. I will interview two people. A PEST analysis of recruitment and selection decision.

To analyse an interview on how the questions were answered and any improvement that could be made and select a candidate, explaining why I have selected them and why. Finally to evaluate the whole process. What went well, what I could do better?

Roles and responsibilities of a manager
I will be basing my research on a company named as Boots. The manager involved in this research is the pharmacy manager. A manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work and taking corrective action when necessary. Managers may direct workers directly or they may direct several supervisors who direct the workers The roles and responsibilities of a manager include:

• To ensure that the branch is open for trading and dispensing of prescriptions during the registered opening hours so in a situation whereby the store is to close at 5.30 and a customer has been asked to come back and pick up their medication in 10minitues and walked into the shop at 5.25pm, except the customer says in the store to wait for their prescription to be ready, once it is 5.30 the doors get locked and the customer would have to come back the next day and it’s the duty of a manager to enforce that. Also, if for any reason the manager wont be available to open the store, it won’t mean the store won’t be opened that day, it just means the supervisor would have access to the store key. In most cases prescriptions can’t be dealt with except with the authorization of a pharmacy manager because some cases are quite questionable so the pharmacist manger would ensure there is at least a pharmacist on the premises at all times throughout their contracted working hours to provide pharmacy services including dispensing and giving advice to who needs. • Also to ensure the highest professional standards of counter prescribing and medicines protocol implementation, it would be very unprofessional for a pharmacy manager to prescribe the wrong drugs as it could lead to death at worst. • A pharmacy manager would have to be able to build store teams with the attitude and capability to provide outstanding customer experiences, coaching and developing talent to ensure people can deliver operational standards and the store activity plan. • Also to ensure confidentiality of information concerning customers and staff in accordance with the data protection act, it is important...
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