Export Readiness Analysis

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Export Planning Assignment Part 1 - Export Readiness Analysis

1. Introduction

The company that is selected for this report is Lako Pacific Pty Ltd. Kaiser Baas is the brand name of this company and was established in 2006 by CEO, Evan Kourambas. The original company known as Lako Pacific Pty Ltd used to distribute multimedia and video editing hardware and software. Now, Kaiser Baas is a leading innovator of analog-to-digital converters and personal cameras and they are based in Heidelberg Heights, Victoria, Australia. Currently, they produce their own products that consist of cameras, Bluetooth devices, picture and video converters, digital photo frames and many more. They were in fact the first company to introduce the digital photo frames into the Australian market gaining it first mover advantage.

The company’s goal is to innovate products that were once complex to use and make them easy for everyone while incorporating the latest in technological advancements. They have a specialty in making products that can convert photos, slides, negatives, and videos into digital formats, and also products that can connect to other household devices in a way that was previously complicated such as media players that connect to TVs and for portable use (Baas, 2012).

2. Export Readiness Analysis

The export readiness of Kaiser Bass will be analyzed mainly using three key requirements namely competitive advantage, suitable and adequate resources, and objectives and expectations. The export readiness checklist provided by the Victorian Government export website will also be used in helping to analyze the export readiness of this company.

2.1 Competitive Advantage
Kaiser Baas has quite a few products in its line that has a competitive advantage over other similar products in the market. One example is their iPad photo scanner, which can scan analog photos into digital format straight into the Apple iPad. Kaiser Baas is one of the very few companies that are...
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