Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships

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  • Published: November 23, 2011
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Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. It’s widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school. Whether, it’s just being aware of their progress and understanding their achievements or parents taking a more active role and becoming involved with the school itself. In order to establish and maintain interest there needs to be regular and reliable communication and sharing of information between the school and pupils families. Schools must create an effective partnership by providing an open and communicative environment with its wider community, forming a link between the classroom, home and the school and family. If there is a communication breakdown between school, parents and pupils this could have a damaging impact on the pupil’s educational and emotional performance. To be effective communicator and strengthen positive relationships we need to think about what we are going to say and how we are going to say it. Communication however, is a two way thing; it involves listening as well as speaking. How we listen to others is important, being empathic builds good relationships with children and young people making them feel that you have seen their point of view. In doing this they will feel supported and understood and are much more likely to trust and be open with you. When effective communication is missing, teachers can misunderstand or be ignorant of children’s needs and expectations further more pupils may not feel listened to or understood. A lack of understanding can leave a pupil feeling worried or angry. Teachers and other adults working in the school setting need to form a positive approach and model effective communication to help children understand the boundaries expected of them. If teacher’s expectations are met in the classroom then the pupil’s social, emotional and learning...
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