3.1 Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults.

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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3.1 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.

1.1- Effective communication with children is important because it contributes to their everyday learning. Positive relationships with children, young people and adults are made via effective communication, therefore communication is very important through the means or gestures and spoken language. Having effective relationships with parents and adults adds to pupil support if the communication is strong and effective, ie if there is mutual understanding between the parents and teachers at school the whole learning process will be smoother than if parents and teachers did not get along and communicate. Lack in communication can sometimes lead to mis understandings.

1.2- Principles of relationship building include many factors such as- Showing respect- It is important to show respect as adults and children you work with will come from different backgrounds, have different cultures, values and beliefs. Their opinion should be heard and not judged as each individual is different, and their opinions may not be the same as yours. Being Considerate- Individuals may be under pressure and not acting 'normal' , you should make the effort to understand their abnormal behaviour and react accordingly in a polite manner. Prompts may be used in being considerate, for example asking a an adult or child if they are okay? and that you are there if they need to talk. Remembering issues which are pesonal to them- for example birthdays, anversaries and other special occasions or dates. This can only be achieved once you get to know or build a relationship with an individual whether it be an adult or child. Taking time to listen- It is always important to listen to others. You should listen to other adults and children without inter rupting. This is particularly important if they are asking for advice or help. You should show interest in what they are sharing with you and respond...
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