Parent Involvement in Schools

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In his 2003 speech, the Minister of Education mentioned “by April this year… three quarters of our schools had Parent Support Groups or Parent-Teacher Associations”. He also pointed out that not only has the number of schools with parent involvement increased, the scope and quality of the involvement has improved too. I honestly feel that that this growing trend of parental involvement in schools is closely associated to parental “kiasuism” in a highly meritocratic and competitive society such as ours.

On one hand, I do agree that having parents play a more significant role in their children’s education is beneficial not only to the children but also to the school community at large.

For the children, seeing their parents take on bigger responsibility and showing greater involvement in their schooling experience can generate positive effects on their character development and attitudes towards their studies. Parents can bring about positive mental developments in their children by taking the effort to shower their children with care and concern, supervise their work frequently, continually support and spur them on. This was verified when the Minister mentioned in his speech that “If there is one thing for which the evidence is consistent and categorical, it is that effective support within the home leads to better adjusted and happier children, better motivated to achieve in school and in life.” As a future teacher, I definitely welcome this because having such disciplined, motivated students in my class will bring about a more conducive learning environment and this will benefit the class as a whole.

When the teachers and parents work together towards the common vision and goal of improving the school, they tap onto one another’s resources, complement and enhance one another’s strengths and are able to bring out the best out of the situation. Say for example, I am teaching Elements of Office Administration, a subject which deals...
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