Explain the Factors That Need to Be Taken Into Account When Development

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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unit 024 1.1 explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development

It is important that the details of any assessment carried out isto remain confidential unless their are serious concerns regarding their well being or safety. Then confidentiality will breachd on need to know basis and relevant agencies would be contacted in line with policies and procedures. It is also important to receive permission from the parent(s) and the setting ou work for.

Assessing a child or young person with a disability should not be compared to other children on their stages of development instead assessed on their own rate of development and progress. Low self- esteem also needs to b taken into consideration when assessing as compared to friends and other children ana young people, a child with a disability may feel in adequate or feel resentment at not being able to do the tasks their friends or peers can.

childs feelings or wishes
If a child or young person has ongoing family problems at home thy may regress in their development or their behaviour may change. It is important to remember not to force a child or young person complete tasks you ask of them and when observing, you make them feel uncomfortable or are asked to stop you must do so. You would not get an accurate observation by forcing a child or young person to do something against their wishes and it will only cause upset and angst.

unit 024 2.3 Explain the importance of a child centred and inclusive approach and give examples of how this is implemented in own work

It is important to have a child centred and inclusive approachh to a child or young persons development rather than assessing a child/young person needs as a group or age statistic as it enables us as practitioners to individually assess their needs so they can be given the...
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