Explain the Factors That Influene Childrens and Young Peoples Development

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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A childs development is influenced by a range of personal factors alongside external factors. Nature vs nurture. The personal factors are
Genetic inheritance, this shows that a child can inherit personality traits from parents in the same way that they could inherit physical characteristics. they would inherit their particular temprament early on,which is influenced by the environment they are raised in. •Biological programming, is the basic materials all babies are born with. According to Noam Chomsky, all babies are born with a knowledge of language. he reckons that "language systems are too complex to be acquired solely from being copied". He also states all humans have "LAD" (language acquition device) which allows them to process and to use language. He points out that all children seem to learn the first stages of languages in teh same way, firstly using one word sentences and then 2/3 word sentences to convey meaning. •Maturation, is the sequential characteristics of biological growthand development. Biological changes occur in a sequential order and give children new abilities. Maturation is largely accounted for by changes in the brain and nervous system. Children need to reach a certain maturity point before they progress to a new skill e.g a child can’t write until they develop the motor skills to hold and control a pencil •Disability, all children are unique with individual needs; special needs may affect development. External factors such as physical environment or attitudes of others may hinder or help those with special needs
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