Explain How Communication Skills Are Used in Health Care

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 5 (1536 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Unit 1- D1: Explain how communication skills can be used in health or care environment in effective communication

Communication is much more than just talking; it the means of getting the message across through obtaining information, giving information, ideas shared, opinions and views. (buzzle.com, 2010)However it is important to have a good communication between service users and the service providers which then helps to build a good relationship. There are four types of communication which include verbal, non verbal, written, computerised and special communication. So In this assignment I am going to be talking about the different communication skills used in a health settings i.e. (hospitals, nursery, mental institute, schools, care homes, care in the community, etc.) and how it can be used to assist effective communication.

Verbal (Oral) communication: This method of communication is used in all care settings. It is an effective and rapid method of communicating. The purpose of this communication is to exchange information and build relationships between people, develop a mutual understanding and exchange information. (Groups of works, 1914) Carers need to support, show empathy, ask information, respond to service users through verbal communication this will show the service user that they can trust the carer and this will improve on their self esteem. For instance if a service user is pregnant for the first time they might not know what to do. So the carer needs to give her the right information in order for her to feel safe and secure. But if the message is not clear or not understood by certain barriers to communication then the message might go wrong and can then harm the service user.

Various care settings communicate in different ways. For instance in health care setting, they exchange information in the form of advice to make the service user aware of what to do and what not to, able to access information about them to be aware of the background of their illnesses, drugs, genes; they can do this by carrying out questionnaire on their health. This will give background knowledge of the patients well being. But in the social care setting, they deal with different types of people of different ages. So they will need to communicate dependant on the type of people they are communicating with. For example, if they are communicating with children their tone of voice should be low so that the children would not get scared. They need to counsel service users who are experiencing strong emotions and provide them with emotional support. In early years setting, they have to deal with children having different behaviours. Some might not speak or might be timid (shy) to speak and some might be ill-disciplined. In that case, service providers should be wise and patience in dealing with such situations. They will need to communicate in order for the service user i.e. children to understand. , they have to speak in a gentle way in order for the service user to feel safe and secure. They have to communicate and explain things to their parent or guardian for effective communication to take place. Although verbal communication tend to be necessary and barriers could prevent the message from getting across such as jargon, the environment etc. This then prevents the clients from understanding the message properly.

Non verbal (Written) communication: This is another important way of communication. The purpose of written communication is to keep records, exchange information and building relationship. (Groups of works, 1914)In care setting, written communication is used to keep the medical history. For example if the service user moves to other place then they can take their medical history like the medicine they took. This helps new service provider to know it and take further step. But it is important to have clear and accurate information kept. In the health care setting, it is important to keep records of their...
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