Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”
I found Ben Stein’s documentary to be unsettling, but I cannot say that I was entirely surprised by what I learned. I found two ethics dilemmas in this film. The first dilemma I saw was that of atheist professors using their positions of authority and respect to brainwash young students into believing as they themselves do. The second dilemma was that of institutions of learning disallowing research of Intelligent Design. It is incorrigible that professors were denied tenure, lost their jobs, or blackballed because they dared to publically acknowledge Intelligent Design.
It is no surprise to me that many scientists and educators are atheists. I have encountered a few whom I suspect are atheists here at Dalton State. One of them left no doubt in my mind as she could not control the contempt in her voice when forced to say the name of Jesus. Since this was a course in culture and art, the subject could not be avoided because of the vast works of art that exist of Jesus. She was always consistent in referring to Christianity as mythology. These types of things really disturb me because I remember how impressionable I was as a college student right out of high school. I looked up to my professors and believed everything they said. I have now aged and I no longer take everything I’m told at face value. I now recognize political agendas and I read and do my own research on such topics. When I find myself in classes with those types of professors, I can almost hear the sponges soaking up every word and it makes me cringe. Before writing this paper, I searched Dr. Will Provine on the internet. He is the professor who said in the documentary that if his brain tumor returned he would shoot himself in the head. He is still very much alive. Apparently he was correct that he has no free will. I went to the website, Rate My Professor, and read some of the comments of his students. It was about an even mix of good...
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