Transformed World View

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Transformed Worldview
Student Assignments - Week Four

Read Curtis, pages 131-155, and give written responses to questions 1 and 6 on page 152.

Study Questions for Curtis, Chapter 8, Page 152

1. Consider the farmer in Isa. 28:23-29, whose God-given knowledge of farming techniques comes through general revelation. Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever learned how to do something through tradition, observation, experimentation, but believe the lessons come ultimately from God?

6. A friend tells you that she is struggling because her sociology (or psychology, or physics) professor is regularly saying things that conflict with her faith and, what troubles her even more, he seems to have a lot of evidence to support his claims. What advice would you give your friend?

I would tell my friend to read the bible and study things her Prof is claiming. If the bible then conflicts with his claims no matter his facts, the bible is truth she should refrain from taking advice from her Prof. but if the bible confers what he is claiming then she should act upon the advice.

Read Packer, Chapters 12-17 (pp.117-175) and Chapter 20 (pp.230-242), and give written responses to the following study questions:

Chapter 12, “The Love of God” (pp.117-127).

1. What three comments does Packer relate to the Flood of Love? o Shed Abroad – he says that this is an “outpouring and a flood.” He believes Paul is referring to an overwhelming love. o Fills Them Now – God’s love is complete love. We’re never love less than the next person. His love is perfect. o Regular Ministry of the Spirit – We put too much emphasis on extraordinary events. We need to value the basic events of the Spirit as well. We need to appreciate the little things. (118)

2. How do you explain the love of God and the fact that God punishes sin? God calls us to be Holy and we strive to be Holy. God disciplines us to obtain a holy stature and directs our paths into holiness. He loves us enough to show us how to be holy. (122)

3. How does Packer define love?
“God’s love is an exercise of His goodness toward individual sinners whereby, having identified himself with their welfare, He has given His son to be their savior, and now brings them to know and enjoy Him in a covenant relationship.”

• God’s goodness – God feels “affection” for us. • Goodness towards sinners – God’s mercy, grace and love covers ALL sinners • Goodness towards individual sinners – Christ gives us an opportunity through His death and resurrection. • Identifying Himself with their welfare – God feels the same emotions we do; happy, sad, fear…etc •

Chapter 13, “The Grace of God” (pp. 128-137).
This chapter deals with grace from a very Calvinistic point of view. State in your own terms the three principles Packer sees as connected to this doctrine of grace.

• Justification – Christ dying on the cross is justification for our sins. It erases them and allows us to access His mercy and grace. • God’s plan will be complete in the end when He has had final judgment and grace is the motive. (138) • We shouldn’t worry about losing salvation because it will stay intact through grace and faith. (133-136)

Chapter 14, “God the Judge” (pp. 138-147).
1. What are the four characteristics of a judge?
o Authority – God is our lawgiver and judge. He reigns over creation and therefore sets our laws and punishments. o Knowledge – God is righteous. He loves justice and is always fair, is identified with good and right. o Wisdom – God is the ultimate judge. He is all-knowing and therefore judges us with wisdom and perfection. o Action – Comes from power (142). God not only judges us, but also carries out punishment.

2. What is the principle of retribution?
“Christians as well as non-Christians will receive...
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