Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

How did life on earth begin? On one had we have religious people who think that a higher power created the universe and others believe that god was not part of the equation, which is causing a big outrage amongst different groups. In fact, it is to the point where people questioning “god” as a creator are being persecuted. The original theory of, which is based on Darwinism, believes that mankind evolved from apes, monkeys, and cells. However, the theory does not specifically explain how life began, how the cell evolved and got to where it is today. Overall, this theory contained many gaps, and this movie was in essence demonstrating, how intelligence design is trying to fill in those missing link but the movie is not trying to show that the ID theory is finally going to answer those missing, in fact the theory might me completely non-sense. However, it is an effort to answer some missing questions. The move illustrates how the American culture feels intruded by the idea that there only “may be” a creator. The film makers are trying to emphasize the fact that there has been a major violation of the first amendment, by interviewing scientists who have been expelled from their jobs, denied grants for research, because they were questioning the lack of information and limits of Darwinism. Overall, the comparison of Darwinism and Hitler indicates that our society is not progressing and that this narrow view of evolution is keeping us from improving.

Advocates of the ID theory are portrayed as helpless individuals who are trying to bring across their view of evolution, and being punished for it. As Dr. Richard van Steinberg notes “science is not a democratic process, there is a consensus view that we as society have to follow.” As many other scientists, Steinberg challenged or rather questioned the consensus view of Darwinism and he got dismissed; moreover, he was referred to as “intellectual terrorist.” This movie has...