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Topics: Pepsi, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Pages: 39 (11629 words) Published: December 8, 2010
I, Chetan Solanki felt privileged to be a part of L J institute of management studies, Ahmedabad. I did my summer internship training in PepsiCo Holdings India Limited a FMCG sector company. My project title is “Analyses of success of Retail Initiator in Baroda city and Suggestion on Go forwards”. The project basic objective is to analyze the program which has been introduced in march-2010 the duration of the program is of 8 month till october-2010. Name of the program is “Full Fayeda” In this project I surveyed different areas of the Baroda city and visit retail store and ask about the scheme who were either not subscribed or they don’t know the terms and condition of the program. The program is basically sales promotional program. The full fayeda program is basically introduced for selected city and for selected number of retailer who is having capacity to increase the sale further. In this program retailer has to follow some rule and he/she can win gift voucher of PepsiCo. The value of the voucher is up to Rs. 400 pre month if they achieve target and extra money if they achieve more then target. In the past this program will start with name golf club and this year the name is been changed it became full fayeda. There are some addition and subscription of some rules and regulation in the full fayeda. Results of golf club help us to design a program called Full Fayeda initiative. This program encourages you to sell more product of PepsiCo and increase awareness among the retailer about new product Joshilo Pepsi. This program is rolled out in different areas of Ahmadabad, Baroda and Surat so as to cover all page group, income class and different culture. Initially the owners of the outlet are enrolled with this program and take rewards which are associated worth this program after completion of the target criteria. In order to conduct research for this project we choose questionnaire as data collection device and non-probability (Judgmental) sampling. As PepsiCo has mass marketed its product so the whole population of retailers of Baroda has been targeted for research. There are many out lets of PepsiCo product in the Baroda City out of the 100 outlet is given for the survey purpose questionnaire has been filled with these retailers and there is some findings and suggestion for them. In this project there are some old reports and companies magazine is been used for the reference purpose.

As we go through conclusion of this project most of the retailers are satisfied with this program and they expect more and more program like this. During my survey most of the retailers gives good response so this will show us that company has a good relation with their retailers.


I was assigned to study the topic “Analysis of retail initiator in Baroda city and suggestion and go forwards” of PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. These activities play a grater role in the entire marketing effort being carried out by PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. To generate more sales as well as to create and maintain an image of its product thus PepsiCo India holdings Pvt. Ltd carried out its Promotional activities as controlled and integrated program of communication and material design to present its soft drink to the prospective customer. Its also help in communication the need satisfying qualities of soft drink to facilitate the sales and eventually to contribute towards the profit in long range. Soft drink industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India It can be divided into two segment i.e. carbonated drinks and non carbonated drinks that can further classified into Cola, Lemon, Orange, Mango and apple. This study titled as above aims at exploring the strategies followed by PepsiCo India to manage its retailer in Baroda. This study will also explore what changes PepsiCo is bringing in order to increase its visibility and market presence to tackle the ever...
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