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To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that MD.NOORAIN Student of MBA, of A.N.COLLEGE,PATNA session 2008-2010 has completed his PROJECT TRAINING during 04-05-08 to 04-06-08 on the topic of “ANALYSIS OF DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM TO INCREASE THE MARKET SHARE OF PEPSI IN PATNA” under LUMBINI BEVERAGES PVT.LTD. (PEPSICO), Hajipur at Patna. He successfully undertook the above dissertation with total sincerity and dedication to our satisfaction. His conduct during the training period was good.

We wish him all the best & hope that this training might help in his professional career.




Regd. Office: P-214, C.I.T. Scheme VI(M), Kolkata – 700 054, Tel.: (033) 2229 5762, Fax: (003) 2229 5762, Email:,Plant: H-2, EPIP, Industrial Area, Hajipur – 844101, Tel.: (06224) 274873,274836, Fax: (06224) 275927, Email:


The present era is an era of Brand Marketing the business of brand marketing can be compared to the game of chassis this area of marketing brand name, packaging, and distribution and advertising plays similar role as that of pawn on the board of chess.

To achieve the purpose I have done my project training from Lumbini Beverages pvt. Ltd.Hajipur, unit the topic given me is “ANALYSIS OF DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM TO INCREASE THE MARKET SHARE OF PEPSI IN PATNA (BIHAR).

Knowledge attains maturity and perfection through application in practical field. Application of management principle in all branches whether product. Personal marketing, etc. result is more efficient and efficient and effective utilization of available resources.

This report has been compiled firstly in partial fulfillment of the requirement for MBA, secondary to share the practical knowledge and experience gained as result of continued association with company’s marketing branch. The details mentioned in this report are based on real situation.

Since the reader would like to know the general details of two cola giants. Therefore a chapter includes theoretical aspects of comparative study and its application for the industry in marketing is also include. Further to help the reader in understanding the findings, graphical representation, conclusions and suggestions are also includes,

This very much helps Lumbini Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Hajipur to know where he stands in the soft drinks market. What is the market share of Pepsi? And what Pepsi is doing against Coca-cola.

I frequently hope that this project report would be considerable help to the management for developing strategies in those areas.


This project report is a sincere attempt to carefully and systematically gather facts about and evaluate the sales promotion, distribution and market research of LUMBINI BEVERAGES PVT. LTD. HAJIPUR as a part of the course curriculum of “ANALYSIS OF DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM TO INCREASE THE MARKET SHARE OF PEPSI IN PATNA(BIHAR)”.which is of eight weeks duration for the completion of my project report many persons directly or indirectly assisted me.

First of all, I would like to thank almighty God, without his blessing the whole report could not have been completed.

In this context I, Md.Noorain student of A.N. COLLEGE PATNA AFFLIATED TO MAGADH UNIVERSITY ,BHODHGAYA .Would first of all like to express my thankfulness to parents and family members, who have constantly deported and encouraged me in shaping my career.

I am also grateful to Mr. N.K. Prasad [HR manager] Lumbini beverage pvt. Ltd, For giving me an opportunity to learn and conduct research in their esteemed organization, Words are too little to express my gratitude. I would like to thank Mr. Sandeep Banarjee (G.M. of sales and training) for their kind co-operation to compile my project. Since the reader would like to...
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