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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Example reaction paper:The article title Race-the power of an illusion, episode three: The house we live in speaks about the issues of race as present in modern US society. The article spoke about discrimination and various its expressions that was present in the US society and applied to races other than white. In the following essay I will speak about the quote “We had more than an opportunity, but we blew” that appears to note on very important issues as expressed in the essay. The essay spoke about different stages during which racial discrimination changed its appearance and it appears that during each stage the racial minorities had that opportunity to become equal with the whites in terms of opportunities to succeed in life and accumulate wealth for the future use. After the WWII, the returning soldiers of any color and race possessed the GI bill which almost always guaranteed them a mortgage, an opportunity to study and ultimately succeed in life. Yet it appears that the GI bill was available to every one although could be exercised by some, since the companies and banks were the once to grant the services based on the bills. The opportunity for the racial minorities (as mostly represented by the blacks) was to pursue with court cases to obtain absolutely the same services and goods that the society was ready to provide to GI bill holders. If the blacks and other racial minorities could exercise their right to own property at any place and on the same terms as available to the blacks they would certainly help this country to integrate blacks in the US society. Furthermore, during the WWII the US president F. D. Roosevelt called the whole country to unity, racial tolerance and mobilization. Apparently, during the war years (and supposedly few years afterwards) the whole country was able to accept people of all races, colors and religions and the minorities had an opportunity to obtain the status equal to that of the whites. The opportunity was noted to be...
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