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Topics: Unemployment, Inflation, United States Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Name:Ashley Waller|Date:10/17/12|Class:|Reaction Paper #:2|
Title of the Article:Consumers Unlikely to Rekindle the Recovery| Date of Publication: July 2, 2012Author: Casselmen, Ben|
Summary:In this article, it talks about how we should not rely on the consumers for the economic recovery. As Americans returned to work, the theory went; they would have more money to spend on everything from clothes to vacations to houses. As demand rose for products and services, businesses would be forced to hire more workers, leading to even more spending. This virtuous circle would boost confidence around boardroom and kitchen tables alike, finally giving the U.S. economy the momentum it needed to ride out the inevitable storms to come. Many factors today make it hard for people to make a living, which makesIt hard to raise families. Although many prices are going down, others are coming back up again. | Reaction: In the past, Reagan and Bush raised taxes repeatedly and increased fees for lower and middle class percentiles. At the same time they borrowed heavily to undertake a number of Keynesian stimuli-huge increases in war material and procurement, lots of base expansions to reward Republican states and with the economic boost of federal taxpayer's money. The side effect of this was that it was against the law to export technology for defense to foreign countries. Now our military electronics depend on Chinese parts that have proven defective. Boeing outsourced its advanced composite materials building to cheap countries and basically shot itself in the foot as the parts don't meet specs. The race to the bottom by the GOP right in its efforts to destroy organized labor and the social safety net developed 1905-1968 has handed our defense technology to actual Communist countries-PRC, Vietnam-and ruined much of America's ability to support a consumer based economy at the same time. The only way out is to raise taxes on the wealthy, on capital gains, and on inheritance and...
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