Example of an Operations Plan

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Triple M. Mobile Car Wash Operations Plan


Triple M. mobile car wash will operate a mobile car washing business that will bring the car washing service to many people in the area. The operating procedures for the mobile car washing business are explained in the following sections.

General Approach to Operations

Operating a mobile car washing business takes lots of research because location depicts a whole lot of the success of the business. Each day can be different because the service provided is more of a want for many rather than a need and unfortunately there are lots of people that rate having to get their car wash as a low want on their list. The biggest challenge in operating a mobile car wash is finding the right clientele that cares for their cars and that want their cars washed on a regular. Some people may not think it is necessary to keep their cars clean and that why we have focused the operations of the business on our work performance. We know that word of mouth will be the biggest free advertisement for our business and that’s why we have to make sure that we deliver quality work on each clientele.

Back Stage (Behind the Scenes Operations Activities)

Staff Selection: When starting the mobile car washing business our staff will be very small. When the business grows, I will select staff that is knowledgeable in the business and that can be a great asset to the business.

Daily Planner: A daily planner will help us stay organized by keeping us aware and up to date on the different locations that we will be at a specific day. The daily planner

Emergency Plans: In the case of an emergency we do have back up equipment and supplies. There is a storage room that we will always keep back up supplies as well as a savings account for those same reasons.

Front Stage (What Customers See and Experience)

Employees: Our employees are the face of our business and we have to make sure that they are very presentable. We...
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