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Car Rental (Company) Chain – SEP 2012

Q1: Can I choose something else to write an international marketing strategy report about? No, this assignment brief is based on analysing the marketing strategies used by a Branded Car Rental (Company) Chain. You can chose a company from the given list or you can chose a Branded Car Rental (Company) Chain of your choice, but you will receive no marks for choosing to write something different! It is fine for two/three different individuals to choose the same company but their research, report and recommendations should be original and individual. Q2: What is a Branded Car Rental (Company) Chain?

A Branded Car Rental Company is a company that rents cars and other automobiles (usually Vans) for a short period of time by charging a fee. The company often exists as organised chains of local branches (which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location), and can primarily be located near airports or busy city areas. These companies are often complemented by a website allowing online reservations. Local or low-profile individual car rental companies can’t be considered for this assignment; your chosen organisation MUST be branded, MUST have a website, and MUST have (at least) nationwide presence. Failing to choose an appropriate Branded Car Rental (Company) Chain will result into a ‘Fail’, regardless the level of analysis and recommendations. Q3: What are the marketing tools?

There is a range of marketing tools, which are basically models and frameworks, can be used in this assignment, e.g., SWOT/TOWS, PESTLE, USP, STP, 4P/7Ps etc. Students need to choose/use appropriate tools and discuss/relate the tools to the brand or service they have chosen to analyse. This report is not just about mentioning that these tools exist – students need to use them to analyse the brand/service they have chosen – remember higher marks will be awarded to those students who...
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