Examining the Organisational Behaviour of Hickling's Associates Ltd

Topics: Leadership, Job satisfaction, Motivation Pages: 16 (4613 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Summary of the assignment
The case introduces Tony Azzara, who was retrenched by his previous company due to financial woes, as he tries to adapt himself a fresh working environment in Hickling Associates Ltd. Soon, Tony encountered difficulties in integrating into Hickling’s organization due to the apparent differences in the working culture. Stemming from the problems that he encountered in Hickling’s associates, Tony began to lose motivation to strive for better results. Fueled with the other problems, he resigned eventually. Three major issues – negative motivation, lack of communication and leadership style, will be critically examined to investigate the causes of the symptoms that are evident in Hickling’s organization. After which, recommendations to rectify these problems will be proposed for organizations to learn from the mistakes in Hickling’s Associates.

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| |Page | |1.0 Introduction |4 | |2.0 Background of the case |4 | |3.0 Symptoms in the company |5 | |3.1 Negative Motivation |5 | |3.2 Communication Issues |5 | |3.3 Leadership Problems |5 | |4.0 Analysis of the symptoms |6 | |4.1 Motivation |6-7 | |4.2 Communication Networks |7-8 | |4.3 Leadership Style |8-9 | |5.0 Recommendations |10 | |5.1 Leadership |10 | |5.2 Communication |10-12 | |5.3 Culture |12-14 | |5.4 Job Design |14 | |6.0 Conclusion |15 | |Bibliography |16-18 | |Appendix A: Proposed Organisation Chart for Hickling Associates Ltd. |19 | |Appendix B: Proposed New Office Layout for Hickling Associates Ltd. |20 | |Appendix C: Job Characteristics Model |21 |

1.0 Introduction
This report aims to identify the causes of organisational ineffectiveness, in the context of leadership styles and employee related issues as a consequence. Focus is placed on the causes of the symptoms that were present in an organisation, where the leader displayed an autocratic style of management which resulted in an extremely low level of employee motivation...
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