Problem Statement

Topics: Generation Y, Leadership, Demographics Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Background to the Problem
In today’s global business environment finding, acquiring, and retaining the skilled leaders and managers to public and private businesses are difficult. The challenges include business process, re-engineering, organizational development/learning and information technology (IT) (Swapna, R., & Raja, K. G. 2012). Avolio introduced several new researchers studying leadership which have taken leadership into new thoughts and knowledge. One is Parry introduced a new study “Social Processes of Leadership (SPL) and their social influences process. However, there was Bass, who intrigued the researcher with “authentic leader (Avolio,, 2008). Problem Statement

An analysis of the literature revealed that poor leadership has a negative impact on employee/subordinates, morale, quality of life, and decision making in both public and private sector. Poor leadership teaches people to be insensitive, unfeeling and thoughtless of co-workers, and cohorts (Ruark, 2005). Most employees like their jobs but not the way they are treated by leadership, management and cohorts (Duff, S. 2009). As public and private organizations continue on the path forward into the 21 century there is a need for skilled manager, knowledge workers, and leaders. There is a significant generational gap because baby boomer are retiring at an alarming rate, these leaders did not prepare for the future leaders to be managers and leaders (Carmen,, 2010). As a result, there are gaps between Baby boomer, Generation X (Gen X) and Generation Y (Gen Y) leadership styles (Simon, 2010). Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this quantitative, ground theory research study is to explore the negative impact poor leadership has on employee/subordinates. The ground theory design will use are surveys and interviews on the web, linked and other on line resources to create new theory (Christensen, et. Al). Table of Findings from the Literature

The study of...
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