Event Plan for Themed Art Exhibition

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La Moda E ArtePresents……..‘Student Life’A themed art exhbition. | |

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* Project partners
* Event concept
* Objectives
* Resources
* Analysis
* Marketing plan
* Design plan
* Operation plan
* Project management plan
* Financial plan

Project partners

The sickle cell society are our main partners, this is the chosen organisation we will be donating a percentage of the final profit too. After having spoken to the management team in charge of the organisation they have confirmed their participation and are willing to provide us with as much support as possible. At the event they will be sending us members of staff to help promote their charity by handing out leaflets, flyers and making a speech about the cause. They will also be on hand to answer any question and speck to the guests about the origination and what they do, props will also be provided by them to help income generation, props such as money boxes, posters, leaflets, flyers, badges and other memorial.

The project partner’s details have been noted below.

Ms Kalpna Patel, Fundraising Manager, Sickle Cell Society
54 Station Road, London, NW10 4UA

La Moda E Arte Objectives
Our event intends to raise awareness of artist, photographers and sickle cell anaemia disease. The main objective is to complete the organisation of an art fashion exhibition and to finally carry out a successful event early 2011. The event is an art fashion exhibition that aims to collaborate both the art and fashion world in one room.

Ideas and proposal
To plan and manage on a fundraising themed art exhibition event for the sickle cell society.

Dates and Suitable times
Thursday March 31st from 7:00pm onwards.

To allocate bar staff (if required), to allocate models, canapé staffs, the event will need one of the fundraisers to explain what cause is about.

To locate event in the East London area preferably Shoreditch. An art exhibition large enough for a capacity of 80-100. To identify whether our location needs extra additions i.e. slopes.

To cover all over head costs of the event in addition to generate as much revenue as possibly for our chosen charity ‘Sickle cell society’. The money will be donated to the charity of our chose and we hope to gain as much awareness as possible.

The Event
The purpose of the ‘Student Life’ event is to integrate art with fashion by means of an exhibition open to the public. Art work will be displayed and accentuated using props and models styled according to each theme. In turn we aim to increase artist profile whilst encouraging spectators to purchase. As a public event our target market is open but appeals more so to student’s and those with an interest in art or fashion. We will be selling tickets at £5 each but people are able to pay £7 on the door. The event will commence 31stth March 2011, with the door opening at 7.00pm-11.00pm. This is to enable ample time for the participants to arrive and view the art and embark in the ambience of our event.

Human Resources
* Models
* Artists
* Waiters/waitresses
* Photographers
* Venue staff
* Stylist
* Charity representatives
* Event team

In regards to this proposal, there are eight different job roles involved which are listed above, the majority of which will be unpaid volunteers and sponsors who will not be rewarded monetarily but with their involvement in the event. They will get public recognition through means of advertising their logo on the charity’s website, leaflets, flyers, tickets and posters. Models: Are required to attend for the event rehearsals, photo shoots before hand and during the event it’s self. They are required to model the clothing and displaying the artist’s mood of work. e.g. The type of student. Artists: The artists are required to create...
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