Evaluation Report World Wide Fund

Topics: Generation Y, Target market, SPSS Pages: 34 (9104 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Evaluation Report
World Wildlife Fund

April - May 2012
Class: D06
Group: 01

Franca de Boer
Toby Meijs
Manon Moreno
Paul Rothenburg
Didi Zonneveld

Hand-in date: Friday June 1st

A Executive Summary

This Evaluation Report proposes research that is conducted on the aimed “new target audience”, the charity organization the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) wants to attract, and in order for the WWF to know, what steps have to be taken to go on this task. The “new target audience” supposed to be young adults, in the age group of 18-25, which is also referred to in this report as “Millenials”. This report will explain in detail on how this problem was handled, what question needed to be asked when starting the research, naturally the answer to this question, what resources were needed and the way of handling the problem. The report provides an explanation on several parts: it starts off with an introduction, which includes the problem description with background information on the problem, background information on the new target audience, the context and justification of the problem, which leads to the research question of this report: “How can we attract the new generation to get interested in supporting and donating the work of the WWF?” The introduction is provided with a literature review, in relation with the conducted research, as a guide to information needed for the research. The introduction leads to the research problem, where is explained why this research was needed and what the outcome of the research should be. The research problem overall explains what the way of approaching the problem is and describes the instruments that were needed. With the use of a questionnaire the opinion of 125 young adults, whom are the representatives of the new target audience, results of these filled in questionnaires could be draft up with the help of software program “SPSS” in the form of tables and graphs. This quantitative kind of data is useful for a large number of this particular group, but the report also contains qualitative data in the form of an interview. Four respondents collaborated on the interview, which gives the representatives a chance to explain themselves, in stead of just answering a multiple choice question. Research design is clarified with desk research and the five categories that were created for the questionnaire. After this explanation on the preparation and work fulfilled for the questionnaires and interviews, background information on the respondents are presented, the procedures are clarified for every step needed. The results of the questionnaires are briefly described in “analysis and measures”, with some facts that became clear after putting the data in the SSPS software. Relevant tables and graphs are also displayed in this section, with data that pointed out the most important topic from every one of the 5 categories from the questionnaire. This is furthermore explained in the conclusion part, where is also explained one of the main reasons why young adults don’t have any interest in the WWF (or in charities in general): Their financial situation, which is, being a student, real limited. Not only that, but the new generation does know what is going on in the world and do feel that they should help, but they do this in different ways, such as social media and the Internet, to for instance help raise awareness in environmental issues. And finally, as advice to the WWF, the recommendations in part C are drawn up supported by the conclusion and results, which state that the WWF should bond more with the target audience they want to reach with the tool this generation uses the most; the Internet. What especially is recommended is Social Media: that is simple and (usually) free. This is supported and explained in the final part of the report.

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