Growth Strategy for Amarula

Topics: Low-cost carrier, Airline, Management Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: August 24, 2012
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This paper aims to highlight the influence that the perceptual process has on how we reach our customers in a crowded market place and how we can make use of our understanding of the learning process to ensure that we persuade our potential customers to buy our products. The first section looks at the components of the learning process, whilst referring to our previous advertisement campaigns for illustrations. It also highlights how this will influence our planning going forward. We begin by describing the potential market and proceed to delineate the message we aim to communicate. We aim to target LSM 8(high)-10. This section of our society has a higher income, Urban, well and accomplished. They have access to most TV channels including M-Net. They own lap tops and watch movies at cinemas. They read both weekly and daily newspapers. They also read financial magazines. They are also in a position to be concerned about what’s happening politically and globally. They are likely to be concerned about global warming and Rhino poaching. Our message to them is simple: we acknowledge your hard work and accomplishments. We are aware of your environmental concerns. We know you deserve only the best and finest that the nature has to provide. We have gone all out in search and combined the nature finest ingredients for you in our green square shape bottle.

Our understanding of perceptual process will guide and fine tune our advertising campaign to ensure that we are able to capture the attention of our target audience against all the media noise. We have also understood how we can use the learning theories to sharpen and bundle our message such that we persuade our customers to buy our product against our competitors and substitute products. Low cost airline Market analysis

This analysis aims to advise the executive on various points that need to be considered before a decision to enter the low...
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