Paiboc Analysis

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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PAIBOC Analysis
Note: Use complete sentences and proper punctuation / grammar. Do not exceed one page. P What is your purpose or your purposes? What do you want your audience to know, think, or do? The purpose of the message is to both educate students on the responsible use of credit and credit cards and to give them tools and examples of how to use debt responsibly. A Who is your target audience? Describe the typical person in the group. What personal characteristics of your target audience are relevant to this message? The target audience would be Seniors in High School-Graduate Students in College, primarily ages 18-24. Subtarget would be those who have little or no direct experience managing finances or even knowledge of such things as APR, late-fees, over-limit fees, etc. Gender and ethnicity are irrelevant except as defined within economic needs. I What information must you include in the message? Information that must be included consists of: relevancy of debt/credit; consequences of irresponsible use of credit; ways to manage credit/debt; and reasonable expectations of the use of credit. B How can you build support for your position? What reasons or benefits will your target audience find convincing? Support is built through real-world examples, showing how much credit actually "costs," consequences to job, insurance, or ability to be employed in certain industries; ability to remain in school rather than drop out to pay for debt, etc. O What objections can you expect? How can you address the objections? Most students live in the here and now, thinking little of future consequences; objections will be numerous - but I need to get that x, y or z; it was on sale; it's a great deal; I needed to pay for dinner, etc. --objections may be addressed by helping students categorize expenses. C What aspects of the context or situation might affect audience response? Invitation to seminar or professional setting may have...
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