Euro Disney

Topics: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, The Walt Disney Company, Disneyland Paris Pages: 8 (2985 words) Published: April 29, 2008
Euro Disney

I found two mission statements for this company one is “to make people happy” and the other one is “we create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment to people of all ages, everywhere” (Strauss, h. n.d.). Each and every employee from maid to the president knows the mission statement. All employees are motivated to create happiness for their guest, and they do everyday. From what I have read and heard, Disney lives up to both of these statements. Euro Disney S.C.A utilizes global work teams to develop solutions on many different company problems. Global teams are a group of top managers from the headquarters and from the international subsidiaries that come together to discuss and solve different company problems. (Wild, Wild, Han, 2006) Four primary contributors are in the company’s legal and governance structure. These contributors include the “General Partner”, the shareholders, the management company (also known as the Gérant) and lastly the supervisory board. (, 2005) Given the fact that the Euro Disney S.C.A is the holding company of the Euro Disney Group, the Executive Committee characterizes and executes the overall Group plan. (, n.d.) Therefore, the role of the Management Company is to put the company’s best interests first. This is an international management team that has the pleasure of having Karl L. Holz as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.A.S along with 11 other solid knowledgeable team members. Among the Supervisory Board are nine contributing members. These members are there to help maintain and “monitor the management of the company in the best interests of the shareholders and to oversee the quality of the information communicated to them.” (, n.d) Between the Management Company, the Supervisory Board, and the General Partners this Euro Disney Group is committed to the governance policies and procedures that guarantee the shareholders that their interests are corresponded to in a thoughtful, respected, and independent sense. The Euro Disney Group makes sure that their business is conducted with the highest standards of business ethics. In order to do this they must comply with all the French laws, rules, and regulations. (, n.d.) This work team has gone through many hardships but within the last few years Euro Disney has been able to see it through and continue to bring the magic to everyone. The first visit to Disney that a person usually takes is when they are young, somewhere around two or maybe a little older, say 5 or 6. At five or six, children remember more. One of the most trademarked parts of Disney is their open souvenir shops at the end of each ride. Another of the most important parts of this theme park is their ability to bring in customers from all over the world to enjoy not only live shows, rides, and souvenir shops, but to engage in the full-on “Disney experience”. For many years, the Disney theme park held high standing in three major places: Florida, California, and Japan. Combining the familiar, family-friendly characters and images upon which the Disney reputation was built, with clean and well-operated theme parks helped Disney set new standards for efficient, friendly customer service in the theme park industry, with its parks becoming major international tourist attractions (Mgmt, 322). When Euro Disney opened in 1992, many thought throughout the company that the vision of Disney needed to be “revamped”. Operations decided that it was time for Disney to vacate the original cookie cutter ways that they were used to and create a new fresh...
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