Disney Strategic Initiative Paper

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Disney Strategic Initiative Paper
Tammy Adams, Kecia Darnell, Chelsea Hensley, Elizabeth Munns, and Zameika Williams University of Phoenix
FIN 370
Professor Stephen Beadnell
October 18, 2010

Strategic Initiative Paper

This paper will address the strategic and financial planning associated with the operations of Disney. In addition, the paper will show the correlation between strategic and financial planning. The impact of the organization’s initiative costs, sales, and associated risks the organization encounters during the financial and strategic planning will be addressed. “Thus, the financial planning process provides a tool for preparing for the future working-capital requirements of the firm.” (Keown, 2005)

The Walt Disney Company currently has many strategic plans in action; in 2005 the Company’s CEO, Robert Iger, ordered a restructuring of their Corporate Strategic Planning Division. The strategic planning department is now being incorporated into each of Disney’s four segments which include Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products and Media Networks, as well as Disney’s International Organization. They are also utilizing smaller groups focusing on developing Disney’s five year plan as well as acquisition opportunities, new technologies, and emerging businesses. “Strategic planning will continue to play an important role in identifying the opportunities and challenges presented to our company as we grow our leadership position as the most valuable entertainment brand in the world,” said Mr. Iger in his 2005 announcement of the restructuring project (News Release, para. 3). Strategic planning for The Walt Disney Company (2005) has been “an essential catalyst to Disney’s growth by identifying new opportunities and expanding existing business” (News Release, para. 4). They are using this new structure to create efficiency, accountability, and empowerment in the ongoing efforts of each business unit...
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