Topics: Marketing, Internet, Tourism Pages: 13 (5110 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Critically evaluate how ICT is applied to the Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Introduction
The ICT today is all about cell phones applications, digital cameras, internet, wireless, GPS and etc. Dertouzos (2007) suggests that ICT change our life completely such as how we learn to live since we are children or how nations are formed. It is almost impossible to live without ICT now as ICT is getting more advance compare to twenty century which helps us to live a better life. As a result, ICT tools has had been plainly use for the tourism and hospitality industries now and It is very convenient nowadays because it creates a new global market which is very competitive among competitors in tourism and hospitality industries. Sheldon (1997) once said that “Communications and information transmission tools are therefore indispensable to the global marketing of the tourism industry.” With the development of e-tourism, more opportunities are given to those who use ICT wisely. A tourism business without ICT knowledge in at least sales or marketing is considered fail in their business. It is quite obvious how important ICT as they are playing a crucial role that is impossible to ignore now. Besides that, ICT helps to increase efficiency on managing operations such as online transaction and communication between suppliers. As a result, the increase of information supply and sharing in the internet produces a lot of possibilities for those who are supplying and demanding and also leads to a new global market. Next, there will be less online fraud as everyone knows about the comparative price and also the cost reduction on a product. It saves both the buyer and seller a lot of time and money instead of meeting each other to start the trade. The use of ICT tools also brings a lot of benefits to companies and consumers too. ICT enhance the operations of companies by improving their reliability and efficiency which reduce delays. It helps to improve performance without delays and it reduce cost on everything such as the cost for information processing, storage, communication cost and the cost to deliver online. With ICT, not only the increase speed on managing trades, their business can open 24 hours without any overtime costs too. The improvement on quality service can be seen as it improves customer service because they have more time to communicate with consumers than to repair and maintenance their system. From the consumer side, they can shop anytime online and compare the price through internet for lower prices. This actually very convenient for people who don’t have time to shopping buy their things online and sometimes there was no sales tax which is better than buying directly on shops. This paper will focus more on online presence which is important for either tourism or hospitality business. The most effective way to get customer`s attention is to let the customer know your existence on the internet. Small companies usually don’t get any business because their online presence is not enough. Customer usually goes to the same company to purchase the same product because they are satisfied from the quality they have. They won`t change their company unless the quality of the product is getting poorer. A good marketing strategy

plan has to be made to achieve the simple goals to attract customer. First of all, make a research on search engine where people always search with it such as Google and Yahoo. The reason to make a research is to predict the word which people will search most of the time. As a result, make a strategy plan to get the customer`s attention is the first priority. As long as someone was searching in your website, there will be no worries on shortage of customer. The use of ICT brings a big impact on marketing strategies too. Some companies will need to plan a new marketing strategy for the new era as old ideas will soon be abandoned in the new marketing environment. Besides that, some aspects of ICT will be...
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