Ethics Paper Week #2

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Ethics Paper
February 12, 2013
University of Phoenix

The role of ethics and social responsibility
Organizations of all sizes and status understand the real effects and results driving organizational change. Although it is a top priority to maintain a competitive advantage with profits and competence it is as important to remember it is their responsibility to monitor, track, and enforce their ethical practices. Society today holds companies accountable for injustices and will not tolerate corporate recklessness, dishonesty, negligence, or corruption. Organizations with the right leadership benefits from proactively implementing a transparent organization whose ethics are built into the core of their culture, and social responsibility is an important priority starting from top management down to the core staff. Ethics are a set of principles that guides the organization, its initiatives, decisions and policies for the good of the business. (Kelchner, L (2013) This process begins early on with organization’s initial planning phase that contains ethics and social responsibility which continues to be intergraded into the organizational culture as the planning process progresses to the end. Not all organizations have the proper tools to gauge their progress as the development of the business program which includes ethical and social responsibility develops. (Robin & Reidenbach, 1998)

Stakeholders are group that has an interest or concern in an organization someone who contributes to the success and benefits from steering the organization to success. Stakeholders have different expertise and each stakeholder opinion adds value to the needs of the organization. The President CEO of an organization answers directly to the stakeholder group who annually evaluates the President CEO on their performance of running the organization. Organizations are responsible to identify, understand the stakeholder needs and be able to...
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